Welcome to Portus House Karaköy, your harbour in Istanbul. When we first visited Karaköy in 2010 after many years, we couldn't believe this place was being ignored for so long. We were immediately struck by the area's buzzy atmosphere, its extraordinary history, blend of cultures and stunning architecture. The food scene, with fresh fish from the Bosphorus around the corner and lamb cooked infite ways, fascinated us alike.

It was clear right then and there, more people had to know about the magic, so it seemed a natural place for us to open here our Portus House. The building was the first property we were shown as a potential guest venue and we didn't want to see any others. From its characteristic 1930's Art Nouveau exterior, to the high ceilings and well preserved flooring, it was an absolute one-off.

Our precious guests loved the proximity to all prominent sites returning time after time, turning Portus House into a true home for Istanbul's visitors. Today, as we are still watching Karaköy come to life, lots has changed, and increasingly does, while attracting the creative industries, contemporary art, gastronomic adventureres, street festivals, pop-up markets and worldly travellers.

See you at Portus House.